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Top Book Recommendations:

If you are seeking for an enlightening read to increase your awareness,  connection with self and others, and feel more empowered in your life, this read will not disappoint! This book is guaranteed to give the reader a new perspective on all aspects of life, any situation, material belongings, and all issues of the past. Eckhart Tolle is an incredible soul who has many other insights to share. 

This book will teach you what it means to take Radical Responsibility in all aspects of your life! Master confidence, self love and empowerment through the brilliance of this read and develop the tools to tackle anything from your past, present or future. Tracy Litt is also available for one-on-one sessions, speaking gigs, and more!

Everything by David Hawkins is brilliant and beyond enlightening, and many of his books including this one walk the reader through a “map of consciousness” – essentially a scale of awareness of conscious vibration. Every person, situation and living thing (including food) all vibrate somewhere on this scale. Learn how to understand what this means and how to apply it to live your fullest life!

Looking to better understand the Universe? God? Just want to make sense of things? Laura Saltman has written 3 books channeling the consciousness of God – these books will answer questions you may not even have thought to ask! This series is a straight Q & A between Laura and God Consciousness as she documents her own questioning of life. Laura Saltman also does sessions via Skype. 

Do you have a loved one that “passed away”? This book is a must read for anyone who has experienced grief of losing a loved one. George Anderson is the most scientifically tested psychic medium of this century! Over the past 40+ years, he has done over 35,000 readings for people, with essentially perfect accuracy!!! His work has been sited in over 60 books on grief an the paranormal. George is the gold standard for psychic mediums and he is still doing readings today! 

website design & development

Unparalleled Service & Experience

Having worked with Mike Petritis for almost 3 years, I can personally vouch for his unparalleled level of integrity and website skills – there is no one else in the industry I would trust more than Mike! Not only has he completed 10+ projects with me that all exceeded expectations, but he has made every endeavor more easy and painless than I thought was possible. Most web designers make things more complicated than is actually necessary to ensure their own job security, but Mike prefers to make his clients as autonomous as they would like to be. While he is equally as capable of taking over every aspect of a client’s web development and design, I personally like to be able to make simple edits without bothering or paying a third party, which Mike makes a seamless process! Mike is brilliant at his craft and his passion and commitment is present throughout all of his work. I could not recommend Mike Petritis any higher, and will only use Mike/Eliix Marketing for all my websites now and in the future.

New to meditation?

Meditation made simple

Before someone has reached a true “meditative state” for the first time, meditation can be somewhat daunting. The ultimate goal is always to achieve a meditative state with no external assistance, but certain tools can be helpful when you are just starting out!

This app is only on Android but is FREE! I have been using it for probably 8+ years and don’t know what I would do without it! There are a handful of different meditation sessions, all of which actually show a graph of the frequencies you are experiencing. 

My favorite feature is that all sessions (except the sleep cycle) bring you gently from an awake state, into a meditative state, and then gently bring you back to an awake state. 

Most other meditation apps I find are not timed and to end your session can be very jarring which is opposite of what meditation is trying to accomplish! 

If you have an Android phone, check this out on the Google Play store!

Sick with a cold?

Lots of hot liquids!

Having a cold is no fun… And the annoying secret is that once you come down with a cold, there is only so much you can do to shorten your trip down sick lane, but there are a few tricks that can make it just a little bit better:

  • Lots of room temperature or hot liquids to flush things through
  • Hot Tea with real organic lemon juice, & apple cider vinegar (optional additions are a little honey and/or bourbon)
  • Lots of Liposomal Vitamin C
    • Liposomal is significantly more bioavailable, and we can also absorb much more Vitamin C than conventional medicine has led us to believe! 
  • Let your body rest, and your brain too! 
  • Steam – if access to a steam is available, take advantage!
  • Keep the head warm – having a beanie or a hood over your head can help
  • Zero dairy or processed sugar (minimize processed anything*) – both hurt the immune system and increase mucus production 
The biggest and best trick though is simply strengthening your immune system so the cold never happens in the first place! This is best done by doing everything that supports natural healing, including detoxes, organic plant based nutrition, laser therapy, quality air, breathing techniques, meditation, quality and consistent sleep cycles, a positive mindset, etc. 

Pain relief from home?

Laser Therapy is maximally stimulating NATURAL healing!

The technical term for laser therapy is “photo-bio-modulation” meaning you are modulating the biology via photons. This is a very similar process as “photosynthesis” that occurs in plants. It has been found that humans have photon receptors in essentially every cell in our body, meaning that we respond very similarly to specific frequencies of light therapy. 

Laser Therapy is not manually manipulating any specific mechanisms in the body, but is simply maximally stimulating natural healing – essentially increasing on a cellular level your body’s own ability to regenerate and rejuvenate theoretically every type of cell in your body!

This means via this one therapy you are stimulating your body’s ability to strengthen and regenerate bone cells, nerve cells, blood cells, cartilage, muscle tissue, and more!

I have a personal pet peeve of many medical devices having a very skewed ratio of monetary price to actual efficacy/value delivered – while I am aware of other products currently in development which will soon revolutionize healthcare, the only product currently on the market which has my personal seal of approval for a quality ratio of monetary cost to delivered value is coMra-Therapy. 

There are multiple clinics in the South Florida area (and other areas of the USA and around the world) who provide this therapy, and it is also available for home purchase. For help finding a coMra practitioner in your area or guidance on laser therapy at your local clinic, contact Rebecca directly.   

this documentary will change your life

You are more powerful than you know…

If there was one documentary I could recommend, this is it. 

Wim Hof holds 26 Guinness World Records for achievements such as climbing 22,000ft up Mount Everest in only shorts and shoes, running a full marathon in the Arctic circle in temperatures close to -20°C wearing only a pair of shorts, being submerged neck-deep in an ice bath for almost 2 hours…

Everything Wim has done has been under the scrutiny of science. But it isn’t just his ability to be at one with the cold that makes Wim so incredible, but how these understandings have been applied to health. 

Wim even did an experiment where he was injected with an endotoxin which in anyone else would typically induce severe flu like symptoms. Not only did Wim have no response, but neither did 12 of his students from Poland who trained with his simple techniques. 

What makes me personally the biggest fan of Wim is that he shouts to the mountaintops that everything he does, EVERYONE  can do! Watch the documentary to learn more. 

looking for a course?

There are many quality “Empowerment” and “Self Help” courses out there. 

Landmark has been taken by millions of people around the world and provides a variety of excellent courses to help you get out of your own way. If someone is looking for an analytical approach to develop specific tools and tactics to adjust one’s perspective on the past or present, Landmark is a great fit. 

There are also lots of other similar courses out there – the best course for you is the one which calls most strongly to you in the current chapter of your life. Best advice however is to make sure you get out into the world and apply what you learn!


No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

More coming soon...

looking for a community?

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is a community that welcomes all individuals looking to better themselves, the community and the planet. If you are moving to a new city, traveling through town, or are looking to expand your connections to a group of people really striving to make this world a better place, see where the closest HCC chapter is! There are 65 chapters throughout the United States and Canada, a number that is growing rapidly! Connect with your local HCC community to collaborate with individuals you can call family who truly want to make a difference.