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CRM Done Better

CRM stands for “Customer Relations Management” and is a software system which helps a business of any size keep track of all front-end business and communicate with customers and leads.

This system is completely customized to your needs, with hours of carefully crafted tutorial videos and SOPs that make it easy to
) learn the system yourself 
2) train your team now and whomever may be added to your team in the future and 
3) shortcut that learning curve to an extent where no downtime is necessary for your business to onboard!

The Done Better Initiative has partnered with the incredibly talented development company who is the mastermind behind this system. Our team then personally customized it to shortcut hours of your time! All of the onboarding videos and SOPs are also made by our in-house team, to personally ensure that value is delivered. 

This system is offered at an extremely affordable price, stocked with untold value, and is ONE price regardless of how many people you have on your team!! (Unlike every other CRM system available!) 

We are excited to be able to offer this system not only as its own entity, but also included in the top membership levels of both and South Florida Healing.
If you are interested in joining both and South Florida Healing, click here for special offers*.

There is also a version specifically for any marketing agency, coming in February through

This will be available starting in early February, 2021.

There are additional offers for this system available specifically to Marketing Agencies. If this applies to you, let’s connect!

The Done Better Initiative developed from the concept of, “If you CAN do better, DO BETTER.”

For too long we have lived in a world where cutting corners for the highest ROI has been rewarded, those who step on others the most get to the top, and concepts such as planned obsolescence and creating unnecessarily dependent customers are the “smartest business models.” In the pursuit of financial gain, we as a collective have lost sight of who and why we are… The Done Better Initiative is designed to change that, by giving power to all things “done better” which most serve the best interest of humanity as a whole. 

The full initiative is a massive project that will unfold over the next handful of years, with countless “done better” concepts linked together on, as this concept applies to yourself, business, family, relationships, health, etc. Each “thing done better” page will serve as a funnel to help connect people with vetted products, services, technologies and more, creating an avenue through which all who are working on creating things and systems for a better tomorrow can plug into. This initiative allows us to all come together to create an unstoppable machine to change this world, as consumers and businesses alike.  

This momentum officially begins in 2021 with the driving force of