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Benson logo BDB transparent - PIECED TOGETHER is an organization revolutionizing the concepts of both business and networking, setting the precedent that when businesses put integrity first, every aspect of business, life and the community reap the benefits!

There are multiple facets of this chapter based organization that have never been done before, allowing us to provide the best solutions to connect the community, as well as help businesses – AKA people of the community – achieve a much needed win.

We are in currently in pre-launch phase with the full launch on June 1! 

Check out below! is a chapter based organization which have the following monthly events: 

  • Virtual educational events put on by the core organization, hosting a wide array of experts
  • Personable chapter breakout events
  • Networking events dedicated solely to connecting to members and the greater community!

There will also be “Giving Back to the Community” events 1-3x per quarter, connecting this organization to a variety of entities doing amazing things in the community. 

While will be officially launching June 1st, there are significantly discounted memberships available as of January 13th, 2021! (see button below!)

ALL members will…

  • be able to attend all events for free (networking events available for free to the public, educational and chapter events are available to guests for a charge)
  • have access to business tools such as a completely customized CRM system
  • receive discounts on marketing tools
  • have EIGHT different ways to advertise your business
  • receive exclusive access to courses and content
  • refer new members and receive a commission
  • …and MORE!

Memberships start at $20/month, with guaranteed value at all 3 membership tiers:

  1. Basic Membership
    • $20/month (Get 2 months FREE when purchased annually)
    • Refer new members and receive a 25% commission
    • Attend all events for free
    • Exclusive access to courses and ToolBoxes
    • Basic directory listing on
  2. Enhanced Membership
    • $59/month (Get 2 months FREE when purchased annually)
    • Refer new members and receive a 40% commission
    • Attend all events for free
    • Exclusive access to courses
    • Exclusive access and 50% off all ToolBoxes
    • Enhanced directory listing on
    • Ability to upload courses into the store and receive 75% of course revenue
  3. Ultimate Membership
    • $117/month (Get 2 months FREE when purchased annually)
    • Refer new members and receive a 60% commission
    • Attend all events for free
    • Exclusive access to courses
    • All ToolBoxes INCLUDED (one ToolBox per month included in Ultimate Membership tier)
    • Ultimate directory listing on
    • Ability to upload courses into the store and receive 90% of course revenue

Members will have 8 primary ways to advertise their business:

  1. Directory Listing
    • All businesses will be listed on the directory
    • There are different variations of listings possible, depending if a business is a Basic, Enhanced or Ultimate member
  2. Monthly Casual Networking
    • All members are encouraged to attend local chapter-sponsored networking events for networking purposes! These events are free to both members and guests
  3. New Member Spotlight
    • Each new member will be featured both by the organization and their local chapter within the first 6 months of joining
    • This will always include a social media post, and will eventually additionally have the opportunity of being featured by the production team of, which entails a camera person/crew coming to your place of business!
  4. Member Mondays
    • The first Monday of each month, an email blast goes out to showcase all current members, in alphabetical order by business name
  5. Member Connections
    • Each month, every member will be paired with a new member of their chapter to connect with, ensuring you meet at least one person each month!
  6. Featured Sponsor
    • Each monthly chapter event will have various sponsorship opportunities
    • Annual events hosted by the core organization will also have multiple sponsorship opportunities
  7. Blogs
    • All members at the Enhanced and Ultimate levels will have the ability to contribute blogs
  8. Upload Courses
    • Both Enhanced and Ultimate membership levels will come with the ability to upload courses to the virtual storefront 
      • will retain a 25% commission for courses of Enhanced members and a 10% commission for Ultimate members

The Done Better Initiative developed from the concept of, “If you CAN do better, DO BETTER.”

For too long we have lived in a world where cutting corners for the highest ROI has been rewarded, those who step on others the most get to the top, and concepts such as planned obsolescence and creating unnecessarily dependent customers are the “smartest business models.” In the pursuit of financial gain, we as a collective have lost sight of who and why we are… The Done Better Initiative is designed to change that, by giving power to all things “done better” which most serve the best interest of humanity as a whole. 

The full initiative is a massive project that will unfold over the next handful of years, with countless “done better” concepts linked together on, as this concept applies to yourself, business, family, relationships, health, etc. Each “thing done better” page will serve as a funnel to help connect people with vetted products, services, technologies and more, creating an avenue through which all who are working on creating things and systems for a better tomorrow can plug into. This initiative allows us to all come together to create an unstoppable machine to change this world, as consumers and businesses alike.  

This momentum officially begins in 2021 with the driving force of 

The organization of is a space for everyone, providing an effective platform for businesses to get themselves out into the community!

Business owners of any size and industry are welcome to join as members, and individuals in the community are invited to attend events and peruse the business listings of our members!

While we are excited to announce the network of incredible speakers and content creators we are already connected with, we are always on the lookout to connect with more! Specifically we are looking to connect with people who are an expert in their industry. Possible topics include but are not limited to business, public speaking, course creation, accounting, business structures, staffing, social media, mental health, physical health, personal relationships, professional relationships, and more. 

If you have a course created on the material of your expertise, there are opportunities to offer this through our storefront! Don’t have a course but are interested in creating one? Let’s talk!

We are also looking to connect with all types of charity organizations anywhere in the country who are truly making a difference in the community!