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Being raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Rebecca is blessed with amazing parents who instilled a strong moral standard, disciplined work ethics and a quality education. Rebecca’s perspective is that because she was given so much in life that she has an obligation to give back and create opportunities for the success, good health and abundance of others. Though she spent 20 years in the Midwest, it is South Florida that Rebecca has called home since 2012. Rebecca Kallaus has always been passionate about helping others and is honored to have found so many avenues through which to give back to the amazing community of South Florida and beyond. 

Holistic Health has always been a passion; Rebecca worked at an acupuncture clinic, a variety of fitness outlets, and extensively with laser therapy before starting her first virtual company, Elevated Health in early 2017. Rebecca’s sentiments are that all facets of healing the mind, body and spirit are equally important, that each of us is drawn to a specific aspect of healing via any variety of mediums.
That being said, it is ultimately the healing on the energetic realm that is most paramount, as when the energetic bodies are healed, the physical and mental fall into alignment with ease. However, healing of the mind can help heal the physical body which opens one up to energetic healing, and just the same – healing of the physical body can also cleanse the vessel in which we reside, allowing for the energetic self to flow into more alignment as well. Rebecca is a strong advocate of anything and everything that supports natural healing, whether that be through nutrition, meditation, acupuncture, fitness, or medical devices that do not force or manipulate but fully compliment the natural systems of the body.

However, even when one’s health is completely under control, there is still more to our existence…
Passion and purpose are arguably just as important as health of the mind/body/spirit, as without understanding our passion and purpose, what is the point of our existence?
Rebecca is equally if not more passionate about helping people to understand the unique purpose we each have in this life and to empower each person to achieving all that we are truly capable of.

An abridged quote by Marianne Williamson best summarizes this sentiment:


After managing multiple small to medium operations, launching a few solopreneuer endeavors, coaching others in scaling their businesses, and then launching a marketing department for a $17 Million dollar company while doubling as the operations manager, Rebecca has realized that her strongest talents exist in all things operations, systems, structures and business creation. 

Cultivating these skillsets combined with watching countless businesses take a beating in 2020, Rebecca officially launched the “Done Better Initiative” in January of 2021. Quite simply, the Done Better Initiative is the concept of, “If you CAN do better, DO BETTER.” For too long we have lived in a world where cutting corners for the highest ROI has been rewarded, those who step on others the most get to the top, and concepts such as planned obsolescence and creating unnecessarily dependent customers are the “smartest business models.” 

In the pursuit of financial gain, we as a collective have lost sight of who and why we are… The Done Better Initiative is designed to change that, by giving power to all things “done better” which most serve the best interest of humanity as a whole. 

The full initiative is a massive project that will unfold over the next handful of years, with countless “done better” concepts linked together on, as this concept applies to yourself, business, family, relationships, health, etc. Each “thing done better” page will serve as a funnel to help connect people with vetted products, services, technologies and more, creating an avenue through which all who are working on creating things and systems for a better tomorrow can plug into. This initiative allows us to all come together to create an unstoppable machine to change this world, as consumers and businesses alike.  

This momentum officially begins in 2021 with the driving force of